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This Week's Libra Horoscope
by Regina Russell of Regina Russell's Tea Room

Libra horoscope for this week
Libra, Born September 23 - October 23

Libra Mythology
The sign Libra is symbolized by the balanced Scales.
Your sign's element is Air. Libra is ruled by the planet Venus.
You are naturally refined and neat. Libra has a strong sense of good taste and a desire for peace. Attractive surroundings are necessary for peace of mind. Libra is very fair and just and tries to maintain a proper balance. Libra is artistic, musical, level headed, sympathetic, perceptive and generous. Manners and other niceties are important to Libra. You have a strong need to share with others.
Possible negative aspects of the sign Libra:
You can be gossipy, critical, and bitter. You like to pry into other peoples affairs, and you can be very moody at times.

Libra Horoscope
For the Week Starting October 27, 2014
- By Tuesday, you should have the news you have been waiting for. The news should be in your favor but you are still in a sweat. Your imagination is running wild but your ESP is also working very hard in your favor. Follow those hunches or intuition. They have worked well for you in the past and will do so now, you will like the results. Keep your eyes and ears open at any party to attend.
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