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Astrological Sign Comparison
Taurus with Pisces

Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus. It's symbol is represented by the Bull.
Taurus is an Earth sign, and is reliable and materialistic.

Pisces is ruled by the planet Neptune. It's symbol is represented by the two Fish.
Pisces is a Water sign, and is emotional and compassionate.

Taurus wants (needs) money and luxury but Pisces will never understand this because he/she only needs enough to barely get along. Pisces has no business sense and abhors responsibility. Both signs are artistic but whereas Taurus will sell his/her art, Pisces will give it away or trade it for something he/she needs. Taurus is practical where Pisces is impractical. They are both quiet, peace-loving signs and will seldom argue although they will both brood and turn pessimistic. Woe to the Pisces who idly drifts through life - Taurus will not stand for it. And the Taurus who comes on like a bull? Pisces will quietly disappear. It is a good idea to compare your rising sign to the rising sign (or Sun sign) of the person you are comparing yourself with. This will give you a more detailed overall picture of the relationship.

Famous people born under the sign of Taurus.
Cher Bono
Fred Astaire
Shirley Temple
Lionel Barrymore
Carol Burnett
Gary Cooper
Glen Campbell
Judy Collins
Bing Crosby
Glenn Ford
Henry Fonda
Ella Fitzgerald
Adolph Hitler
Audrey Hepburn
Karl Marx
Golda Meir
Shirley MacLaine
Ricky Nelson
Tyrone Power
Anthony Quinn
Sugar Ray Robinson
William Shakespeare
Barbra Streisand
James Stewart
Harry S. Truman
Rudolph Valentino
Orson Welles

Famous people born under the sign of Pisces.
Harry Belafonte
Johnny Cash
Edgar Cayce
Sandy Duncan
Albert Einstein
Peter Fonda
Jackie Gleason
Pauline Goodman
Patricia Hearst
Jean Harlow
Victor Hugo
Rex Harrison
George Harrison
Jerry Lewis
Zero Mostel
Liza Minnelli
Ralph Nader
David Niven
Patricia Nixon
Sidney Poitier
Lynn Redgrave
Carl Reiner
Dinah Shore
Elizabeth Taylor
Lawrence Welk
George Washington
Robert Young

Comparing two person's sun signs is like trying to compare two books by their covers. There is usually much more than meets the eye. There are many factors that have to be taken into consideration when comparing one sun sign with another. One of these factors, and probably the most important, is the time and place of each person's birth. This would determine the position of the planets and would also determine their 'rising sign'. Use these comparisons as a basic guideline for your relationship with others. If your signs do not match here, it does not mean that you cannot get along, it just means you will have to work a little harder to deal with each others individuality. Astrology is not law, it is rules, and remember, rules are often broken!

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