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Ruling Planet Mars
Mars SymbolPlanet Mars
Mars rules the astrological
sign of Aries

Planet Mars Facts

Order from the Sun Mars is fourth in order from the sun. In Roman mythology, god of war and discord (Greek name, Ares)
Diameter of Mars 4,217 Miles (6,787 km)
Planet Mass 0.107 Earth's mass
Average distance from Sun 141,633,262 Miles (227,936,640 km)
Length of day in Earth days 1.026
Length of year in Earth days 686.98
Maxium surface temperature 98.33° F (36.85° Celsius) or 310 Kelvin
Minimum surface temperature Minus -189.67° F (-123.15° Celsius) or 150 Kelvin
Highest point on surface "Olympus Mons" about 15 Miles (24 km) above surrounding lava plains
Atmospheric components 95% carbon dioxide, 3% nitrogen, 1.6% argon
Surface materials Basaltic rock and altered materials
Surface gravity 0.377 that of Earth
If you weighed 100 pounds You would weigh 37.7 pounds on Mars
Known Moons 2

Planet Mars in Astrology

Mars is activity and will activate whatever 'house' it is in or wherever Aries appears on your chart. These will be the departments of your life where you participate. Mars also brings trouble and arguments to these areas. Sometimes you are too quick in these areas and don't stop to think or give others a chance to keep up with you. Mars in the third house, for example, would mean that you like to pass all the other cars on the road.

Mars can be physical participation or mental participation, depending on the sign or house it is in. An air sign tends toward mental participation. Mars will fight for what it wants, again, physically or mentally.

This is the area of your performance, your accomplishments, and the manner in which you handle them. It is the direction in which your energy travels, what kind of energy you have, and what you want the energy to do.

Mars rules the sign Aries and therefore retains all the characteristics of that sign as well as of the first solar house.

Mars rules weapons (such as guns or knifes), cars (along with the planet Mercury), the army (or other ground fighting force), athletics, and in general all physical activity and motion.

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