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Ruling Planet Mercury
Mercury SymbolPlanet Mercury
Mercury rules the astrological
signs of Gemini and Virgo

Planet Mercury Facts

Order from the Sun Mercury is closest to the sun. In Roman mythology, the fleet-footed messenger god and escort of dead souls to the underworld.
(Greek name, Hermes)
Diameter of Mercury 3,031.92 Miles (4,879.4 km)
Planet Mass 0.055 Earth's mass
Average distance from Sun 35,983,093.1 Miles (57,909,175 km)
Length of day in Earth days 58.65
Length of year in Earth days 87.97
Mean surface temperature 353.93° F (178.85° Celsius) or 452 Kelvin
Maxium surface temperature 800.33° F (426.85° Celsius) or 700 Kelvin
Minimum surface temperature Minus -279.67° F (-173.15° Celsius) or 100 Kelvin
Largest known surface feature "Caloris Basin" 838.851 miles in diameter (1350 km)
Atmospheric components Trace amounts of hydrogen and helium
Surface materials Basaltic and anorthositic rocks and regolith
Surface gravity 0.38 that of Earth
If you weighed 100 pounds You would weigh 37.8 pounds on Mercury
Known Moons None

Planet Mercury in Astrology

Mercury tells what sort of mind you have, where your decisions are felt, and the type of decisions you make. It shows where your main interests are, where you voice your opinions, your thoughts. The type of writing you do, how you speak, how you listen, all come under Mercury's influence.
Mercury rules communications and transportation.

Mercury rules both Gemini and Virgo and will continue to do so until a new planet is discovered to take it's place in one of those signs (probably Virgo). Mercury therefore has all the characteristics of both these signs and their Solar houses, the 3rd and 6th, so that it rules both communications and services.

Mercury is mail, papers, agreements, books, bookkeeping, letters, the telephone, secretarial duties, mechanical objects such as the computer, adding machine and typewriters. Mercury operates as an agent for you.

With Mercury in Aries you write short, quick notes if you write at all, (Aries is usually too busy and can't find the time). In Cancer you write all the family news or perhaps political news. In Scorpio you may write all the lurid details of the most recent love affair or perhaps an intense letter on psychic experiences. A Sagittarian Mercury would more than likely write long, chatty letters.

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