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Ruling 'Planet' Moon
Moon SymbolMoon
The Moon rules the astrological
sign of Cancer

Moon Facts

Diameter of the Moon 2,160 miles (3,476 km)
Planet Mass 0.012 Earth's mass
Average distance from Earth 238,800 miles (384,400 km)
Length of day in Earth days 27.3 Earth days
Length of year in Earth years 27.3 Earth days
Mean surface temperature Minus -9° F (-22.7° Celsius) or 250 Kelvin
Maxium surface temperature 253° F (122.7° Celsius) or 396 Kelvin
Minimum surface temperature Minus -387° F (-232.7° Celsius) or 40 Kelvin
Atmospheric components Hydrogen
Surface materials Regolith
Surface gravity 0.17 times that of Earth
If you weighed 100 pounds You would weigh 16.6 pounds on the Moon

The Moon in Astrology

The Moon tells what sort of mind you have (along with Mercury), how you handle your outer personality, what your instincts are, what your purpose is. The Moon is your memory, imagination, your inner dreams. The house in which it's found is where your personality makes itself felt. Look for the sign Cancer to see where else your Moon is felt.

The Moon retains all the characteristics of Cancer and the 4th house but these characteristics must be combined with the sign and house YOUR Moon occupies to see how you handle your personality, etc. For example, in Scorpio the Moon's sensitiveness is hidden since Scorpio is secretive.You will never know you have hurt a Scorpio Moon's feelings. Sagittarius, on the other hand, is very talkative, philosophical, and friendly so if you hurt this Moon's feelings, you will not only hear about it but you may be told all the reasons behind the hurt. An Aries moon is more than likely to take quick offense and attack!

The Moon means women in general, the public, fluids, change, the family and the mother. It shows you how you get along with woman. In a man's chart the Moon denotes the wife.

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