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Ruling Planet Uranus
Uranus SymbolPlanet Uranus
Uranus rules the astrological
sign of Aquarius

Planet Uranus Facts

Order from the Sun Uranus is seventh in order from the sun. In Greek mythology, god of the sky, mate of the goddess of the Earth, and father of the Titans
Diameter of Uranus 31,763.25 Miles (51,118 km)
Planet Mass 14.5 times Earth's mass
Average distance from Sun 1,783,939,418.79 Miles (2,870,972,200 km)
Length of day in Earth days 0.72 (17.9 Earth hours) (retrograde)
Length of year in Earth days 30,685 (84 Earth years)
Mean surface temperature Minus -353.47° F (-214.15° Celsius) or 59 Kelvin
Atmospheric components 83% hydrogen, 15% helium, 2% methane (at depth)
Surface gravity 0.90 that of Earth
If you weighed 100 pounds You would weigh 88.9 pounds on Uranus
Known Moons 17

Planet Uranus in Astrology

Uranus is associated with sudden, unexpected happenings, it represents society as a whole. It's brotherhood, clubs, lodges, social welfare, astrology and electricity. It is explosive. It's creative, original, independent and very individualistic. You are creative and independent wherever Uranus appears in your chart. This is an area where you have your own ideas, where you are an individual. The manner in which you seek your independence and creativity depends on the sign containing Uranus and the aspects Uranus receives from the other planets.

Uranus rules Aquarius and therefore retains all the qualities and characteristics of that sign and the 11th solar house.

Uranus, along with Neptune, is a planet of genius so that it adds a certain ingenuity to whatever house it occupies and the planets in aspect to it. It is swift and to the point. It rules air travel.

Uranus represents vision and freedom, invention and improvement. It's the new frontier, modern and progressive.

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